Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Blog 2- The sequel.

I've been trying to write a second blog for some time now. Unbelievable that someone so new to writing could experience writer's block so early in their blogging life.

My problems were manyfold, however my main concerns were that I became a shouty person as I spent a lot of the second part of this year angry beyond belief. There seemed to be an endless stream of things to be incredibly upset about- local government, national government, local multimillionaires, American millionaires (possibly zillionaire), women who throw cats in bins, Wagner (not the composer)... sigh... you see what I mean.

The next concern was that I became a rose-tinted-specs-Mum. Our daughter turned 3 recently and is quite frankly brilliant (I know, everyones kids are) & sometimes a wee bit annoying (but who isn't).
Very happily, I'm pregnant again & to say I'm blooming would be an understatement. I'm being "carefully monitored" so wish me luck. I won't be documenting the pregnancy (another thing I can't blog about to add to my list).

Also, I enrolled at a local college for a Painting & Drawing class. This is also brilliant but I had to stop myself from a weekly, waffly " This week... at Art Class..." type thing. This may not have been so bad if I'd been producing good work consistently, however I had more than a few stinkers of weeks where I couldn't draw/ paint anything half decent. What the class has done for me is give me a kick up the backside which (without meaning to sound like I seek out pain) was exactly what I needed. I'm now producing a lot more artwork & trying not to be too critical.

Soooo... here's a bit of what I've been doing since last blog (nb does not include any ranting)...

ACEO Working Horse

Rothie House wm

aceo seas breathe wm

Blu resize fin wm

Libby crop wm

It's scary, putting things out there for all to see.

Some of these paintings are ACEO's- I WILL blog again soon & it will be about these miniature artworks (2.5 x 3.5 inches). There are loads of fantastic ones about & recently these took off on Folksy, thanks to the Forums there & Gweddus.

Back sooner!