Saturday, 7 August 2010

How'd I Get Here?

Thought I'd start off with a kind of bio...
Like many, I love designing & making well, anything with pretty much anything.

From a young age I drew endlessly, knitted, crocheted, arranged flowers, made animals out of mud & dried the resulting creations lovingly on a windowsill, made snow creatures in winter, gazed in awe at the magical scenes I saw unfold before me on stage in our annual trip to the Panto & the umpteenth time I saw "Joseph".

Despite these obvious early signs of my destiny as a struggling creative, I went on to & inevitably fail, a science degree, along the way making some "interesting" (for it was the 80s), bespoke dresses for formal occassions, (around this time I got a part time usherette job at our local theatre- pivotal from a making things point of view, socially, a whole other chapter, on a personal level, made some of the best pals a girl could have).

Art School beckoned, a brief affair which I still can't fathom but perhaps it was just the wrong time for me. So I began work with a Kiltmaker; I could sew & loved the idea of keeping crafting traditions alive, but by now I was utterly in love with Theatre. My kiltmaking years were valuable but alas, doomed.

What of my passion for the Theatre?
His Majesty's Theatre became my faithful companion, my constant for many years & I had the privilege of designing, lighting, building some absolutely wonderful local shows over the course of those years while working full time in the Electrics (LX) Department there. (nb. after working on Joseph far too many times to count it did lose just a little of it's magic!)

How could I leave this??? My dream? My curious love?

I can't say that I don't get the odd urge to run back, I also miss my pals (tho still in touch) & the buzz of live Theatre BUT  I think I have always ultimately trusted where life has led me &
right now I love being Mrs & Mum.

I also love the bracelets I'm making ...

& these bracelets are what has led me to begin blogging. Whatever next?